AthleticsAfrica is 10 – a decade of celebration of African athletics

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Happy Anniversary to us here at YSMedia Ltd. Our baby, our passion, our pivot is 10 years-old. Seems like yesterday, but today marks a decade that AthleticsAfrica.Com website went live.

It was July 25, 2004, at the end of one of those grueling news-days at the Minalloy house, the Journalism hub at the University of Sheffield. I was so excited to finally upload and submit the completed website – my very first hand-coded website – to the remote server and get rid of it 🙂

The original AthleticsAfrica.Com Website at launch in 2004. Africa's first Track and Field website.

The original AthleticsAfrica.Com Website at launch in 2004. Africa’s first Track and Field website.

Ten years later, in between covering the IAAF World Junior Championships, the Commonwealth Games and preparations for next month’s African Senior Athletics Championships, I can barely pause to drink champagne.

How did we survive till this day to keep it up? And I say ‘we’ because of you all my friends, family, contributors, and our readers who gave us the strength to continue even in the face of many challenges, and lack of support from African federations and corporate entities.

In the last 10 years, the website had gone through many phases and countless stages of redesign to keep up with technological innovations and changing landscape of web design. And we are not done yet.

We promise to make AthleticsAfrica.Com your one-stop shop for all news and information about track and field in Africa and across the world.

The AthleticsAfrica.Com Website redesign and move to Drupal cms in 2008.

The AthleticsAfrica.Com Website redesign and move to Drupal cms in 2011

This year, we started work on our Foundation –  the AthleticsAfrica Foundation – and we have a big announcement for you at the end of the year.

In the next few days, we are in Glasgow to bring you the 20th Commonwealth Games Athletics and next month in Marrakesh for the 19th African Senior Athletics Championships.

Don’t miss these major events, bookmark our Live Blog pages for round the clock updates, news, results and multimedia interviews from these events.

If you want to support what we are doing, or send us a word of encouragement, please get in touch with us.

To end this note, I would like to send my regards and thanks to all our supporters over the years, especially the IAAF Media team, and our friends at Athletics Federation of Nigeria, Greenhue Consult, SourceFabric, and Coveritlive.

Bless you all!

Yomi Omogbeja – Founder/Editor